We specialize in deepening the insights that lead to good strategy. Re-perceiving the strategic environment leads to breakthrough ideas that resolve strategic dilemmas and reframe critical decisions. 

Strategic Learning

The strategic environment resembles a constantly changing landscape. Organizations can benefit from a learning-based approach – with its own ethos, skills, and processes – to re-map their unfolding future landscape with each turn in the road, and to keep their strategic perception up to date. 


Explicit learning processes are needed to pick up and interpret significant developments in the strategic environment. The ultimate survival of every organization depends on a continual flow of future-oriented information from outside and the flexibility to constantly update prevailing mental models of the strategic situation. Strategic learning processes foster openness to external signals and enhance the ability to re-perceive and reinterpret the emerging situation.

Framing decisions

If strategic choices are not anticipated they may be forced on an organization like an unexpected fork in the road. But strategic information is ambiguous and must be interpreted in a meaningful way to see the real choices inherent in a situation – this is decision framing.

Framing decisions means seeing and defining strategic choice in terms of emerging issues and shifts in industry structure or the wider socio-economic context. Choices should not be taken at face value as first seen by internal stakeholders. Sense-making is needed to frame or reframe ambiguous information and ensure the context and implications of choices are clearly understood.

Creative visioning

Good strategy is unique which means there must be creative innovation at its heart. Strategic learning is therefore about more than re-perception and reframing – it must also be innovative and creative.   

Strategy formulation has to be undertaken in the light of the entire present and probable future strategic environment. Analysis is important but cannot provide novel solutions. Only creative insight based on a synthesis of everything that has been learned can provide a genuinely meaningful and inspiring strategic vision. Visionary thinking can transcend existing strategic assumptions and achieve creative breakthroughs.

Future focusing

Organizations and individuals seek futures that are a blend of objective external factors and internal subjective factors, both existing and anticipated. We work with these psychological dimensions of strategy to facilitate the achievement of better futures. 

Future focusing involves using a psychological landscape framework to understand possible and probable futures, articulate your aspirational future, and develop options to accomplish it. The beliefs you need to reach goals, and the beliefs that constrain you, are identified and restructured. By working with your hopes and fears, and your path of greatest potential, you can open up fresh avenues to positive futures. This process applies equally to organizations and individuals.