We specialize in deepening the insights underlying good strategy. Re-perception of the strategic environment leads to breakthrough concepts that reframe strategic dilemmas and critical decisions. 

State of the Future Macroscenarios

The global future presents a constantly changing landscape. Whether for an industry, a government agency, or an NGO, the future picture itself needs to be redrawn with each turn in the road. 


We research and frame the changing state of the large scale future, ranging through global issues, political and economic conditions, social and cultural development, the advance of science and technology, to shifts in the natural environment. We focus these issues to frame strategic agendas and identify opportunities for innovation in response to major challenges. We also give keynote presentations, talks, and interviews on the changing shape of the future. 

Strategic Change Scenarios

The need for strategic choice is often forced on an organization like an unexpected fork in the road. Industry scenarios can be used as an early warning system to identify and think though these choices in advance. 

Anticipating strategic change involves developing scenarios of  future shifts in industry structure or operating context. By focusing on emerging challenges to critical aspects of an organization's current business model, the need for strategic choices can be identified in advance. This allows the strategic implications of different choices to be explored and mapped out before industry change becomes an inescapable surprise.

Infrastructure System Evolution

Technology infrastructure systems are the basis of major industries, a primary focus of investment, and the support structures of society. Much of our work is focused on the changing shape and future pattern of large scale systems such as energy supply, transport systems, food production, and information networks.

Our expert perspective on the future of major infrastructure – for example the changing nature of future energy supply – has been developed over the course of many research and consulting projects. We can offer a insightful view on the future of these systems which can help guide policy and investment decisions.

Innovation and Design Assessment

Design is now a principal source of value for products, software interfaces and services. At its best design is not just about visual styling but is a process that seeks integrated solutions to multiple simultaneous criteria running from usability objectives to strategic goals.  

The quality and validity of design and prospective innovation has to be assessed in the context of the entire user and strategic environment of the product or service. Our experience in the field of design and technology combined with our future-oriented perspective provides a unique basis for multi-faceted appraisal of design performance. This can diagnose hidden flaws that will otherwise undermine consumer acceptance and financial performance. 

Social Ecosystems Research

Sustainability is an agenda for change aimed at finding solutions to the major environmental and social issues in today's global system, which challenge its capacity to continue in its current form and point to the emergence of a future civilization based on very different values, principles and systems.  

Our research into sustainability is aimed at charting the future shape of society during and after the expected transition beyond the growth stage of industrial modernity. Our work points to the emergence of a new 'planetary operating system' consisting of a multi-level hierarchy of human to natural ecosystems. We are researching in detail how these would operate, as an input to advanced thinking about national, urban and community futures.

Psychological Timescape Mapping

Individual and organizational futures are best understood as a blend of subjective psychological factors and objective external factors, both existing and anticipated. Our proprietary mapping process displays these factors together, allowing them to be made conscious and better futures planned. 

The timescape mapping process uses our 'star, mountain, chessboard, self' strategic landscape – allowing you to articulate your desired future and to develop options to accomplish it. The beliefs you need to reach goals, and the constraining beliefs linked to existing situations are identified and resolved. By working with your future hopes and fears, and your future of greatest potential, you can open up fresh pathways to positive futures. This process can be used by individuals as well as organizations, and can also assist with alignment between individuals and organizations.